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Integrations come in all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of applications. We have successfully integrated our Company Stores with over 100 different systems for over 10 years. Integrations can significantly enhance your Company Store so you can win more programs and run your business more efficiently.

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Company Store Integrations
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Custom Integrations

Punchout Integration

Enable continuous communication between your client's procurement system or back office software, and your Company Store. With capabilities to integrate with most systems (Oracle, Ariba, and more), relevant order information is delivered to the appropriate channels, allowing for greater levels of spending control and order management.

Single Sign On (SSO) Integration

BrightStores has the capability to integrate with most systems and software (Ariba, Oracle i-Procurement, Commerce One, SAP). Punchout Integration will move information between your client's system and their Company Store using cXML (commerce XML), OCI (Open Catalog Internet), Round Trip, Tapout or OBI (Open Buying Internet). This offers both you and your customer continuous communication between their systems and their Company Store.

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Purchase Requisition
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Submit for Approval & Obtain Purchase Order
Purchase Order Sent to Store
Order is Created and Fulfilled

Shipping Integrations

Flexible shipping options allows you to utilize the most efficient shipping method for your products. With UPS, FedEx and USPS integrations, you will be given an accurate shipping rate. Or, set up a Custom Shipping method based on your specific parameters.

Sales Tax

The Sales Tax Integration is a flexible solution for charging taxes to a designated single state, multiple states, or nationwide. Your Company Store easily integrates with a sales tax software program.

Payment Gateway

Set up your store to capture funds in real time or to authorize funds only. This can be done with one of the Gateways that are integrated in to our systems.

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Web Services

Take control over your Company Store information with our full suite of APIs. With Web Services, you may integrate with any number of outside systems including order management, inventory, and billing systems. Consume all order and store data programmatically; once the data is in your control, you may then manipulate it exactly as you need.

Our flexible solutions are integration ready and capable to meet your most demanding client requests.

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