Company Store Integrations Made Easy

Keeping your Promotional Product Business Running Smoothly


Integrations come in all shapes and sizes and can significantly enhance your Company Store. Bright Sites easily integrates with other solutions so you can meet the needs of your most demanding clients while keeping your business operating smoothly.

Order Management

Once orders have been placed in your store, begin processing and fulfilling right away – without reentering product data.

Sales Tax

Comply with various sales tax laws and charge taxes to a designated single state, multiple states, or nationwide.


Start accepting payments right away with a variety of payment gateways.


Flexible options so you can utilize the most efficient shipping method for your products.

Advanced Product Design

Bring a custom design studio right to your Company Store. Customize products, create virtual samples, and get production ready files.


Enable continuous communication between your client’s procurement system or back office software and your Company Store.

Web Services

With a full suite of APIs, integrate your store with any number of outside systems including order management, inventory, fulfillment, accounting and billing systems. Consume all order and store data programmatically; once the data is in your control, you may manipulate it exactly as you need.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Integrate your store with your client’s intranet for added security, flexibility, and control. Support SAML and token based SSO.


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